ㆍPresident's Award for Start-up Competition
    Using Public Data
ㆍSNS promotion contents contest Winner of
    Corporate Support Center for the Disabled
ㆍAn Imagination Blue Cheonan Won-dong Project
ㆍAwarded Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
    for Business Competition Using Public Data
ㆍSocial Venture Contest Winner of Korea Social Enterprise
    Development Institute

ㆍAn Imagination Blue Cheonan Won-dong Project


ㆍD-tech Tech·Design Contest Winner of D'light law firm

ㆍWeather Service Provider Registration

ㆍAward for Good Job Content Contest

ㆍParticipating in Germany's TechCrunch
ㆍParticipation in Singapore Eshlon
ㆍSuwon ICT Information Science Festival Gold Medal
ㆍWinner of the LX Creation Support Contest
ㆍFounding LBStech Company


'Presidential Award'
for utilizing public
data in 2018

Comprehensive government data utilization competition

Presidential award


Awarded by the Minister of Industry and Commerce

Grand Prize for Industry Convergence Hackerton Competition

Awarded by Minister of Land, Transport and Tourism

The 4th Public Data Utilization Initiative Competition Grand Prize


Received the prize from the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency

Social Venture Idea Competition Excellence Award sponsored by Ministry of Employment and Labor


Awarded by the Minister of Industry and Commerce

The 6th Public Data Utilization Business Idea Competition Grand Prize


Honored by the Minister of National Defense

Defense public data utilization contest Grand Prize

Awarded by the D-tech, D'light Law Firm

The 2nd Tech·Design Contest Grand Prize


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