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We want to construct barrier-free smart city based on our services include walking navigation for visually impaired!

We focus on mobility and usability of PWD. We sympathize with the inconvenience in the field and try to solve it. So PWD participate in the entire process from design to development of the service. Ultimately, we want to construct barrier-free smart city that does not feel barrier to PWD.

​🏠    Establishment


📍   Address

Gyeonggi-daero 47, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

📞    Contact

070-8667-0706   /



To realize barrier-free smart city, we have to make everywhere accessible.

Everyone should can create a free world without obstacles in their lives.

The slogan contains our desire to create a barrier-free city which is accessible to everyone.



Yellow color of the symbol mark symbolizes visually impaired,

the main target of LBS tech.

The symbol mark is shaped in a combination of GPS point icons and G in the GPS ,

and EYE in the G-EYE is expressed in it.

LBS stands for Location Based Service, which expressses the willingness of

1 billion PWD around the world to improve their mobility.

We accompany them with our technology.

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