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LBSTECH Barrier-free smart city platform



Si-wan, Lee

Hyundai motors | UX consulting

LG Electronic | Business process consulting

Samsung SDS | System development

Taylormade | Business & product planning

BISIGN(USA) | Consulting & strategy


Mr. Lee graduated from the department of computer science in US in 1998

and experienced Samsung SDS development and various projects in 1999.

In 2001, he went to US again to get MBA and entered Korea in 2014.

After consulting in US for about 10 years, he gained various forms of success experience such as golf and GPS, and in Korea, he consulted on systematic project management and methodology of large companies such as Hyundai Motor's UX consulting.

He planned to do a venture business from the first time he came to Korea. While working in US, he was thinking about the possibility of Korea, and had a chance to come to Korea.

Finally, he started thinking that Korea's possibilities and infrastructure were so good that it would be enough.


After studying in US, Mr. Lee decided to work for other people. However, it was hard to make a specific plan. At that time, he heard his cousin's story.

The cousin said  he was going to the blind. One day, the cousin talked to Mr. Lee, "I know what kind of building is in front of the Seine river in Paris, but I don't know what kind of building is in front of my eyes right away." Another day, the cousin told him a story that happened to cousin's friend.

One visually impaired called a taxi. He definitely told the driver the exact destination. But the taxi driver dropped hime 10m away from the destination. He couldn't get off at his expected destination and wandered about three hours. If he walked a little bit in the back alley, he could reach the destination, but it was difficult for him. What if there was a device or person telling him about his current location and how to get the destination?

When Mr. Lee heard that story, he decided to solve that problem.

There were also concrens that it would be diffiuclt to make a profit as a business. However, it is one of the most necessary area, and I started it because I thought it would be easy for people in other similar areas to use it.



We LBStech aim to construct a standard of barrier-free smart city that embraces PWD in the welfare sector.

From visually impaired, physically impaired to elderly, we want to creat the most influential solution in the world with Korea's specialized IT market and technology.



We dream of a society where the weak and PWD enjoy a universal life.

We LBStech have been designing a service that encompasses not only visually impaired, but also the elderly, hearing impaired and pregnant women. We are literally striving to develop technologies for 'everyone.' We keep finding problems to develop and maintain a system that actually helps.

And with the words of thousands of PWD we met while doing business, we will not stop taking new challenges so that they can get better technology than today.

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