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Magok smart city living-lab project

Ho Chi Minh smart city demonstration project

Commendation for Information & Culture - Minister award

Hi Seoul enterprise certification

Patent registration - A system and method for acquiring walkway data using social mapping

Patent registration - A system and method for obtaining walkway data using data network

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Release Roadscanner in app store

Release G-EYE Wheel in app store

Sejong smart city sandbox demonstration project

2020 DATA-Global project

Public data utilization BI contest - Best award

B-Corp certification

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Establishment of LBStech corporation

Registration of Location-based business

Release G-EYE in app store

D-TECH technology/design contest - Best award

Kibo Venture camp - Best corporate

Selection of a social entreprener training start-up team

Certification of superior technology company - SW soulution

REHACARE International - Germany 

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Software business registration

Establishment of corporate research institute

Released G-MOC in app store

Government Public DB Utilization Contest - President award

Military Public DB Utilization Contest - Minister award

Industry Convergence Hackathon Competition - Minister award

NPR WorldWide VR/AR Global Pioneer - UK, Shanghai

Certification of Venture business

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Establishment of LBStech

Social venture idea contest - Agency award

Suwon ICT Contest - Governor award

Register Universal Design

2017 Echelon Asia Summit

2017 TechCrunch Disrupt-Berlin

2017 Slush Helsinki

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