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It uses a spatial information system in a building to create an algorithm by dividing each building into surface units. In other words, it is an app for the visually impaired. In order to improve the completeness of the app, we have received feedback from the blind teachers while meeting with blind people several times and visiting blind schools more than 4 times. Through these experiences, we have developed a new app called G-EYE. Nowadays, through several researches to identify and correct what functions are really necessary for the visually impaired.


The ultimate goal of G-EYE is to move to a smart city without any obstacles. Therefore, it is our job to provide information to the underprivileged. Information disadvantaged groups include persons with disabilities, elderly people, children, foreigners, or illiteracy. So we are trying to provide the same information to all of them and narrow the digital divide.


One-finger operation function is the biggest advantage of G-EYE. You can get the information you want by entering only six motions. Easy to use with up, down, left, right swipe input, touch and hold, and provide differentiated information for the user.

Second, it is an advantage that information can be retrieved quickly. The search speed is about 4 times faster than other search platforms and it is important to update the information in real time.
Third, convenience. Since the basic object of G-EYE is visually impaired, it is made very convenient to use. This is because the general public can use it more easily, and the more the next version, the easier it is for anyone to use it.


If you rub upwards, you can get information on the way to your destination. If you rub down, you can get current user's location information. If you rub to the left, you can get nearby amenities. If you rub it to the right, you can get information about the dangerous area. If you touch the middle part, you can get information about your destination. You can also get the information you want by voice input.

Introduction of G-EYE

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