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[Interview] LBS Tech CEO Si wan Lee, "I want to develop apps for the visually impaired"

2019년 1월 30일 업데이트됨

LBS Tech, which opened in February 2017, is a developer of location-based services and platforms. In Korea, it is the only technology that provides direction by dividing the building into surface units, and developed and released 'G-MOC', an app for the visually impaired, through this technology.

Lee Si Wan, who founded LBS Tech, won the national defense minister award, the Ministry of Industry and Resource minister twice, and the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism Minister. His spatial information system has shown more interest from abroad, and he is now working with a large number of public and related organizations and discussing technical cooperation with various countries.

As a venture company, I have met Lee Si Wan, LBS Tech, who is focusing on developing creative solutions and improving the completeness of the app to build a solid foundation.

What made you start your company?

I have always thought about school first in the United States. I think that I have a healthy mind because my body is healthy. I do not take a day off, but I have always worked on my business while working and studying. It was the first time that LBS Tech was founded that I wanted to help people who are blind in Korea who are living so different from the U.S. after a brief visit to Korea while having fun at work in the U.S.

What services are listed in the application?

It uses a spatial information system in a building to create an algorithm by dividing each building into surface units. In other words, it is an app for the visually impaired. In order to improve the completeness of the app, I have received feedback from the blind teachers while meeting with blind people several times and visiting blind schools more than 4 times. Through these experiences, we have developed a new app called G-MOC. Nowadays, through several researches to identify and correct what functions are really necessary for the visually impaired.

What other projects are you currently envisioning?

We have signed a technical cooperation MOU with a company called DotWatch to continuously develop application for the visually impaired so that not only the low vision disabled but also the blind (completely invisible sight) handicapped can get help. In addition, SPACE DETECT, a location-based search platform that facilitates access to information for the socially vulnerable of the elderly, the disabled, and foreigners, is launched and operated.

What is the next plan?

We will continue to develop apps and software for the visually impaired to use our apps without any inconvenience. Currently, we are also in the process of integrating reliable cultural data into apps through business incubation and growth support projects utilizing cultural data from the Korea Cultural Intelligence Service.

LBS Tech is developing creative skills through communication and sharing, sharing their work with their counterparts, freely communicating and building teamwork. It is his philosophy to emphasize balance between work and life, but it is his philosophy that each individual employee should take a leading role in his or her duties as a CEO. I think that it is possible to reach a stage where the individual capacity can grow rapidly and can be independently sprayed in charge. Therefore, we will work hard to build teamwork and develop apps that can be easily and conveniently used by many people with visual impairments, thereby contributing to their quality of life.

The source of news http://betanews.heraldcorp.com:8080/article/931435.html

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