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LBS tech 'G-MOC Service', 'The 6th Public Data Utilization Start-up Competition' Presidential Award

On November 12, the 6th Public Data Utilization Startup Competition Competition, sponsored by the Pan-government, was held at the Auditorium on the 10th floor of the Seoul Founding Hub in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

In the 'product and service development' section, they received the Grand Prize (Presidential Award) for 'G-MOC' (team name LBStech), a location-based artificial intelligence spatial information service for the handicapped.

LBS tech 's G-MOC service is a solution for the socially weak people of our society (elderly, visually impaired, etc.). It is an application that can utilize all the functions with one finger as a service that creates an algorithm by dividing buildings into surface units by utilizing a spatial information system in a building.

The G-MOC service, which was awarded the Grand Prize at the King of Kings for the Public Data Utilizing Competition, received a score of 85 points or more on the spot. It was not only surprising that there were more than 20 points in the product service category 2 with the highest score of the past, and it was not only surprising that the score was announced in the field, but also surprised the audience.

LBS tech's Lee Si wan said, "Although I was happy about the award after the competition, I was more delighted with the national evaluation score," he said. "My heart was so unbelievable when I heard the national evaluation score of 85.7."

"I felt how much interest and sympathy the people's evaluation team felt as I had a high score, and once again I felt that the way I wanted to go was worthwhile and the right way." Lee said, "To prove to be the best in Korea is proving to be the best in the world. So the significance of this award is much different and makes me look back. "

In the first half of 2018, Lee said, "I will be an example of a healthy start-up with the idea that positive power comes from a healthy body while doing the 1st place in Bodybuilding Division/ Classical Department in the first half of the year." Lastly, Thank you once and thank you.

The source of news http://www.gyotongn.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=210375

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