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'LBS Tech' signs Brain Smart Watch development 'dot' and global advancement MOU

'LBS Tech', which has developed 'G-MOC' app for the visually impaired, has launched 'Dot Watch', a braille smart watch, and a MOU for global advancement. Through this MOU, 'LBS Tech' and 'dot' decided to develop a new solution for visually impaired people who are suffering not only in Korea but also in the world.

Since the two companies are well aware of

the difficulties of venture companies, they have complemented each other's shortcomings and have taken steps to develop into a social enterprise.

Under the agreement, 'G-MOC' and D-Watch will cooperate with each other and will be a stepping stone to enter the global market. 'G-MOC' presented by 'LBS Tech' is an app that provides a location-based spatial information platform for the elderly and the visually impaired, which is a social underpinning around us. In the 2018 Industry Convergence Hackerton Competition, The 6th Public Data Utilization BI Competition 'was also awarded Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. Developing creative solutions and enhancing the completeness of the app, LBS Tech is working to collaborate with a number of public and related organizations to advance into overseas markets. Dot Co., Ltd., which is in contact with LBS Tech, develops and manufactures Dot Watch, a smart watch that embodies the functions of a braille terminal on its wrist, since September 2014.

It was supplied by the Public Procurement Service, exported by the Small and Medium Business Ventures and the Small and Medium Business Administration. It exported $ 41,000 last year and is expected to export $ 700,000 by the end of this year.

Dot Watch has been awarded the KBS Business Audition Program 'Golden Pentacon Season 2', the Creative Economic Grand Prize, and the Future Creation Science Prize. "We will sign a MOU for this technical cooperation and concentrate on developing application for visually impaired people who can help not only the low-vision disabled but also the blind (completely invisible sight) handicapped people," said LBS Tech CEO Lee Si Wan.

The source of news http://research-paper.co.kr/news/view/60644

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