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LBSTECH Barrier-free smart city platform


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Demonstration Project

Daejeon social problem-solving ICT service technology

development project

​: Non-face-to-face order/payment and route guidance platform service demonstration project for visually impaired

ㆍConduct demonstration of mobility/usability service

     for visually impaired

ㆍConduct usability test of the walkway navigation

     service for visually impaired 

ㆍNon-face-to-face order/payment service testing

     through MOU with stores (cafes, restaurants)

ㆍResponse training for participating stores and

     implementation of infrastructure


Sanseong-dong, Daejeon (0.52km²)

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Service for Demonstration

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G-EYE+ mobility and usability platform service

for the blind

· Non-face-to-face order/payment function

· Walkway navigation function

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