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Safety&Health Management

LBS Tech Co., Ltd. recognizes the safety and health of employees and all stakeholders as the top priority and strives to establish and implement a safety and health management system.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the safety of all members and recognize safety as one of the top values of management, we declare the following safety and health management policy to fulfill our social roles and responsibilities:

Managed by Strategic Planning Dept.

Safety & Health Management Policy

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  1. Through proactive attention to safety and continuous investment, we establish a safety and health management system to ensure the safety of all employees and stakeholders.

  2. We identify and improve potential harmful and hazardous factors early to create a safe working environment and promote employee health.

  3. All employees adhere to safety and health-related laws and regulations in performing their duties and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations regarding safety and health activities diligently.

  4. We set safety and health goals through systematic and effective risk assessments and periodically measure and evaluate safety management performance.

  5. In implementing safety-centric management, we actively solicit the opinions of not only employees but also all stakeholders and conduct comprehensive activities to enhance safety and health culture and awareness.

  6. All employees actively participate in safety and health education and activities to spread safety culture to the best of their abilities.

  7. Through continuous enhancement of the safety and health management system, we create a safe and sustainable work environment.

CEO of LBS Tech Co.,Ltd.

Siwan Lee

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