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LBSTECH Barrier-free smart city platform


👏 A person who trusts  the team members  and is active in communication

We are a small number of startups. Developers, planners, designers, and marketers work in one space and communicate with each other to achieve our goals.

For our team, where various team members move forward with a common vision, an attitude of trusting fellow team members and active and flexible communication skills are essential.

👣 A person who thinks it's not just my own business, but something we do together.

We are not indispensable people, so we prefer helpful people.

Due to the nature of startups, each person plays a large role. If you don't share your own skills or insights, there is a high possibility of disruption in the absence of that person. So we don't leave it

as our own business, but we always try to make it a work that we do together by sharing.

We want to be with our colleagues who will grow together with a sense of responsibility and mission in what we do together, and we continue to strive to be such colleagues ourselves.


 ⛺ Go to the field

The only way to find the solution is to go to the field!

👣 We're gonna go the right way. There's no shortcut

Service with customer, persistent technology.

🙌 Be faithful to the process rather than considering the success and failure of the results

If you are faithful to the process, you will grow.

🙅‍♀️There's nothing that can't do

If you think negatively, you can't do anything.

🏃‍♀️ The position rises as much as you want to

Our company's singularity : The autonomous position system.

🙋‍♂️ We always open to your question

Do not hesitate to ask anything. Until 3 times.

😉 There are also errors that cannot be corrected at 100 debugging.

        Do not blame yourself too much.

It just doesn't work.

👕 We make customized clothes, not ready-made ones.

Even if it takes some time, let's create a service that satisfies each user.

🤚 If there is a problem, let's suspect me first.

Trying to find the cause of the problem to yourslef makes progress.

💁‍♀️ Lots of 'Why' make the 'Solution'

You have to constantly think about it to get an answer.

🤸‍♀️ We prefer a helpful person rather than an indispensable person

Let's share the work so that we can replace it in the absence.

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