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ESG Statement

LBS Tech Co.,Ltd. will realize its social responsibility for developing technology that accompanies sustainable tomorrows, hand in hand with the underprivileged.

ESG Statement


Realization of Environmental- Friendly Green Management

  • Practice resource and energy conservation in business operations

  • Establish policies and management systems for safety, health, and environment

  • Create a pleasant working environment

  • Use eco-friendly products

  • Practice carbon reduction for sustainable environment


Practicing Human-Centered Human Rights Management

  • Social-responsible management based on fairness and inclusivity

  • Protect and respect the human rights of employees

  • Improve employee's welfare and prevent industrial accidents

  • Respect the rights of the under-privileged and activate social participation

  • Respect the diversity of all stakeholders


Decision-Making through Ethical Leadership

  • Practice transparent and fair decision-making

  • Prevent corruption and adhere to norms

  • Prevent unfairness and misconduct through ethical pledges

  • Establish ethical codes of conduct to maintain integrity

  • Build trust among stakeholders

CEO of LBS Tech Co.,Ltd.

Siwan Lee

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