LBS Tech provides a walkway mapping platform service

for the physically disabled

​Usability test

300 times

400 times

We verified our technology 
by the physically disabled

Based on user types,
We provide customized walkyway map service 


G-EYE Plus is a mobile assistance solution for the blind and people with low vision. It provides location information quickly and easily based on six motion touches: up, down, right, left, tap, and hold

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Road Scanner is a user participation-based social mapping platform, which collects walkway data obtained by volunteers, ophysically handicapped people. 


G-EYE Wheel is a walkway navigation service specialized for the mobility handicapped, which provides information about obstacles, environmental variables and other situations on the walkway through a specialyed walkway map based on user-experienced walkway data.

We improve the mobility of 1 bilion disabled people around the world.

(From Jungwon-gu, Sungnam-si)

reflecting ramps, environmental variables, walkway obstacles

We focus on creating a specialized walkway map for the physically disabled

For the physically disabled,

We estabilish walkway standards

for smart cities

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