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Ethical Management

LBS Tech Co., Ltd. will become a trusted company by performing fair and honest business operations, establishing mutually cooperative relationships with various stakeholders, and earning trust from customers. To achieve this, we will enhance ethical communication by defining the behaviors and values that all employees must adhere to, and actively practice the following Code of Ethics as the primary criterion for managerial activities.

Managed by Strategic Planning Dept.

Charter of Ethical management

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  1. We establish a clean and wholesome corporate culture by complying with all established regulations and conducting business with integrity and fairness based on ethical values, thereby earning the trust of stakeholders.

  2. We refrain from accepting any form of benefit that may compromise fairness in job duties and reject various solicitation practices among employees that involve unfair demands or misuse of authority.

  3. We prioritize and respect customer opinions, always think from the customer's perspective, and achieve customer-centric management by providing the best service.

  4. We pursue mutual development through transparent and fair business practices with all collaborating institutions.

  5. We protect and manage the company's assets without personal use or misappropriation, use expenses carefully, and obtain prior approval according to corporate regulations when executing them.

  6. We strive to ensure the safety of all stakeholders in business operations and protect the personal information collected in the course of work.

  7. We do our best in our duties based on the Code of Ethics and strive to contribute to the realization of a barrier-free society, such as through social contributions.

CEO of LBS Tech Co.,Ltd.

Siwan Lee

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