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Environmental Management

LBS Tech Co., Ltd. is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility for continuous environmental improvement for sustainable environmental development. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of all corporate activities, products, and services.

Furthermore, we will establish and implement the following environmental management policies to create a safe and healthy business environment in a pleasant environment, along with all stakeholders.

Managed by Strategic Planning Dept.

Environmental Management Policy

  1. All employees of LBS Tech Co., Ltd. prioritize environmentally friendly activities and equipment usage in all work to promote sustainable environments.

  2. We establish and effectively operate environmental management processes within the company, continuously review environmental safety management to contribute to the health and quality of life improvement of employees.

  3. We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions to address various environmental issues caused by climate change and pollution.

  4. We pursue ESG management through the establishment of a collective consciousness for environmental policies and compliance with environmental regulations and requirements.

  5. Regular education and training on environmental, safety, and health management systems and policies are provided to all employees of LBS Tech Co., Ltd.

  6. We maintain continuous symbiotic relationships and practice responsible management by sharing internal policies and supporting programs to ensure that all stakeholders can participate in environmentally friendly management.

  7. All employees of LBS Tech Co., Ltd. periodically review and revise this policy to ensure understanding and compliance.

CEO of LBS Tech Co.,Ltd.

Siwan Lee

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